Throw Block Trek! by ZLDFN101

wq1mmhs | “Throw Block Trek!” by ZLDFN101 @yhn3lg | Throwing Mastery, Casual

This is a fun casual level. It has enough challenge to be engaging but is approachable to new players. Great use of varied terrain and backdrop. I love the hidden cache of jems that you can see quite clearly later and connect the dots mentally. I think it’s interesting how you loop back to the beginning by the end of the level.

My packages!

Very well done level. It’s rare to see well designed levels that are also easy to beat. I only have two recommendations for improvement. First, I would have placed a 3 crate puzzle early on to “gate” people who try to take only one package all the way. Second, I’d move the burny whirly that is near the bad guys, so you can’t fall on it by accident. Otherwise, fantastic level!

This Burny Whirler is asking for trouble

Bomb Away! Bomb Away! by Ps7cho

52d6kj4 | “Bomb Away! Bomb Away!” by Ps7cho @xppvz7 | Bombs, Paths, Clever

This is an incredible engaging, inventive and challenging level. It feels like you are in charge of this little ship trying to fire at all the enemy combatants. It’s easy to start, with but quite difficult to get all of the bad guys. I also enjoyed the ending for how you get out of your ship.

My only recommendation for improvement would be to have a monster gate or two in visible range at the beginning. I assumed I needed to kill all the bad guys, but wasn’t entirely sure until the end.

Box Befuddlement by Cammymoop

dqwcqs7 | “Box Befuddlement” by Cammymoop @cgm03g | Puzzling, Casual

This is by far one of the funniest levels I’ve ever played. You start out with this big warehouse of boxes and think “Do I need all of these……?” The rest of the level is a fun series of puzzles involving boxes. I found it challenging without being overwhelming. Really great level. My only recommendation would be to add some backdrop and decorations to make the level feel more cohesive.

Easily… Open Leap Gently! by Andresian

vsr4c0r | “Easily… Open Leap Gently!” by Andresian @xxkjkl | Casual, Package Jump, Quick

This is a fun little casual level. The use of backdrop and layout makes it feel like a real place. I really enjoyed the puzzle of having to throw down the package to get across. I loved that there was a single block in the way that prevent you from cheating by just getting a high jump at the beginning.

How did that Vacrat get up there?

If it was a bit longer or harder, I’d want a checkpoint, but it is quite short. I only have two possible improvements. First, the second package is a bit of a distractor. I assumed I was going to need it later on and then never did.

Second, I would give some thought to the difficulty level. I would consider making the second half of the level a little harder, since the first package jump does take a bit of skill to accomplish.

Overall a fun little level!

Hike Up The Hill by Sjosz

0pl6sd3 | “Hike Up The Hill” by Sjosz @rswljz | Chase, Well-Paced, Simple

It is a delight to see a auto-scroller designed for casual players. Too often they are SUPER HARD, and it’s nice to see something that takes you gently by. The uses of checkpoints and pauses in the scrolling was brilliant. Really great way to make it more approachable.

Knock, knock. More spikes!

Good use of layout and decoration overall to make it attractive. Some of the spikes uses as decoration in the very beginning could scare off some casual players, but it isn’t a big deal. I found this pretty easy to beat but not a total cakewalk. I didn’t die a single time when I tried it.

Overall, I love this take on making a scroller for casual players.

Labirinto Aconchegante by Sarium

mcvq32w | “Labirinto Aconchegante” by Sarium @qam90x | Casual, Well-Paced

Simple little level. The conveyors build a sense of anticipation. The one box, two plates puzzle was simple and neat. The use of cannons is likely to be fun to new players without being gratuitous.

I really enjoyed the cannon lowering animation after I killed the vacrat, I felt like I earned something. Great level for the intended audience.

Popjaw, Help! by Cammymoop

z4n2f75 | “Popjaw, Help!” by Cammymoop @cgm03g | Zipper, Chase, Simple

This is a really inventive level. I always love it when a creator takes one of the bad guys in the game and forces your to corral them. It usually presents an interesting challenge. It takes even more effort to integrate the Zipper powerup, since it’s so easy to cheese a level with that. The level is definitely challenging and forces you to think. I’m stuck right now right before the first checkpoint, but I absolutely can recommend this level.

Pursue Through! by tripleB36

pmrfmv1 | “Pursue Through!” by tripleB36 @1nv7rl | Puzzling, Long, Complex

I only played through a bit of it but I liked what I saw. I like that the starting area was small to minimize frustration as you have to find your way out. I liked having to navigate with the box which made it feel challenging but not frustrating.

I liked that the game hinted at getting the third box at some point. I thought the surprise with the vacrat was funny and not punishing. Good use of jems to help guide the player. Good level overall from what I saw.