Торт, Это Опасность!! by Themoke

nhzb2xs | “Торт, Это Опасность!!” by Themoke @xs5tng | Powerups, Quick, Brawler

Hooo boy this took me 20 minutes to beat! I’m really impressed that you made a level using all three powerups in a way that felt smooth and made sense. Level design overall was good. Had a few hidden spots without feeling gratuitous. I liked that the starting area was small enough to force you to find a solution quickly. I really enjoyed the puzzle of getting the batter back while using the flingo. I appreciated that you added flingos.

Some big bois

The tiptoe climb was challenging but not too bad. The top two spikes got me a lot. The zipper hidden area I had to zip into was hard to find, so I ended up backtracking once because I thought I was missing something. The finally battle was REALLY TOUGH. The powerups helped but I died at least 20-30 times. Not having the lizumi right by the spawn would have helped a lot. The falling spike were frustrating because they were out of view and I let me guard down after the big finale battle and hard to try 10-15 more times to beat the bad guys again.

Now how do I get that up there?