AAA Battery by Alpaca Raider

f8nn5lb | “A A A Battery” by Alpaca Raider @d8q4p5 | Beginner-Friendly, Quick

Fun little beginner level. I don’t know if I would have started with the camera move for a beginning level, or at least might have made it player enabled or had more of a starting delay because i found it a bit challenging to keep up. For a moment I was worried the whole thing was going to be camera movement, hah.

I think the puzzle of getting all the Jems was fun and quite clear. I love that you integrated all the powerups into the level. I appreciate that you had a checkpoint. The use of arrows was good, but I would probably turn off the old arrows if possible, as the new arrows turn on. It started to get a little bit cluttered after a while.

Overall really fun, neat level and a few tweaks from a perfect beginner level. Keep at it!