Dangerously Hmmm Test by Human

164n8mf | “Dangerously Hmmm Test” by Human @kyydhz | Powerups, Casual, Quick

I love the overall level design with the trees and the kronkrete and the clouds and the Swoopadoos. It feels like I’m in a giant treehouse of fun that’s infested by some swoopadoos, and It’s my job to go clear them out. The slub juice with the swoopadoos is hilarious. I like the hidden powerup, that was fun to find.

I’m not a huge fan of the immediate spike droppers in the top parts of the near certain doom in the bottom part. Those things make are likely to either frustrate me as a player of make me thing it’s for “advanced” players. If you got rid of those and added a checkpoint or two, I’d be much more likely to stick through it instead of maybe getting frustrated and quitting earlier. Some indicator to find my way back to the secret tunnel at the top would also be nice. Something like a sign would help tremendously.

Overall I love the direction of it. It feels like a lived place, which is so cool. I hope you continue to make more levels