Go Quickly Now. by Ps7cho

6h3nf9c | “Go Quickly Now.” by Ps7cho @xppvz7 | Quick, Switch-Heavy, Well-Paced

Overall a really interesting level, I love the idea. I think it’s great that you can see the package regularly just falling through space and time, mocking you, crying out for help. The level really feels like some weird temple in the desert to old timelords or something and is just in disarray. I’m happy with the puzzles and challenges, I definitely felt like I had to think and run around. the clouds and the lizumi is brilliant, because we naturally want to stand on the clouds to try to hit the Lizumi, but the clouds keep disappearing, making it feel like every time the lizumi hits the clouds she is knocking them down one by one. I like the placement of the monster gate to hint at what was going to come.

Some ideas for improvement: First, good use of rifts is really hard. Sam has a really good video on some of these challenges he ran into.

If there was an easy way for you to lock off completed challenges, that would be really helpful. Or at the very least a better way visually to tie together portal connections. I found myself backtracking and going to the wrong rooms often. Also, I probably spent a minute looking for a way to turn of the spike at the exit, and then noticed Baggyveer’s comment. It would be great if there was some visual or auditory cue to help players realize they have a limited time. It was a bit frustrating for me to have solved all the puzzles, grabbed the package and then realize I couldn’t beat the level.

One possibility would be instead of making it completely impossible, make it progressively more difficult to reach the exit. Or to have some indicator through the level, like unreachable spikes slowly turning on, to help emphasize the time limitation.

Overall a great implementation of a difficult concept. I hope to see more stuff like this.