Jungle And Cave by Ant

6vjszc2 | “Jungle And Cave” by Ant @k1bhyn | Quick, Intense, Panic Moments

Overall well designed level. The little trees looked really cool. You have a nice variety of challenges: box puzzle, package jump, missile avoidance and golden keys. I really like the little puzzle with the missile timing because of the staggered walls that causes them to go off sync. That was really cool.

Soo many spikes.

The only change I would consider, and this is a matter of personal preference, would to be more forgiving with checkpoints. I’m bad at package jump panic, so even though it was short I died a few times on the spikes. I actually had to switch to using the dpad to get enough precision. And then your one checkpoint only has 3 lives. I cycled through that budd-e twice and then just gave up in frustrating. If he had infinite lives or 12 lives, I might have tried harder and pushed through

Easy peasy

Overall fun level and it’s great to see you improving. I really like how you made it feel like a coherent world with smooth transitions. Makes it appealing and signals quality and effort on your part. Good job.

That’s where I left my keys!