Easily… Open Leap Gently! by Andresian

vsr4c0r | “Easily… Open Leap Gently!” by Andresian @xxkjkl | Casual, Package Jump, Quick

This is a fun little casual level. The use of backdrop and layout makes it feel like a real place. I really enjoyed the puzzle of having to throw down the package to get across. I loved that there was a single block in the way that prevent you from cheating by just getting a high jump at the beginning.

How did that Vacrat get up there?

If it was a bit longer or harder, I’d want a checkpoint, but it is quite short. I only have two possible improvements. First, the second package is a bit of a distractor. I assumed I was going to need it later on and then never did.

Second, I would give some thought to the difficulty level. I would consider making the second half of the level a little harder, since the first package jump does take a bit of skill to accomplish.

Overall a fun little level!