Throw Block Trek! by ZLDFN101

wq1mmhs | “Throw Block Trek!” by ZLDFN101 @yhn3lg | Throwing Mastery, Casual

This is a fun casual level. It has enough challenge to be engaging but is approachable to new players. Great use of varied terrain and backdrop. I love the hidden cache of jems that you can see quite clearly later and connect the dots mentally. I think it’s interesting how you loop back to the beginning by the end of the level.

My packages!

Very well done level. It’s rare to see well designed levels that are also easy to beat. I only have two recommendations for improvement. First, I would have placed a 3 crate puzzle early on to “gate” people who try to take only one package all the way. Second, I’d move the burny whirly that is near the bad guys, so you can’t fall on it by accident. Otherwise, fantastic level!

This Burny Whirler is asking for trouble