Crombler Turbo Jem Dig by QuantumAnomaly

v0010jn | “Crombler Turbo Jem Dig” by QuantumAnomaly @ya0lqh | Beginner-Friendly, Panic Moments, Quick

Whenever I see Beginner-Friendly and Panic Moments, I am always a little skeptical, but this level pulls it off. It has a nice variety of mechanics, but nothing is ever particularly overwhelming. I love the theme of Cromblers being conscripted to dig a quarry. I want to see a drawing of them with little hard hats now. Overall, a solid level.

One thought on “Crombler Turbo Jem Dig by QuantumAnomaly”

  1. Great screengrab at the end! Thanks! The rock quarry theme was a fun one to pull off.

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