No Jump Good Arrow Hologram by Moogthedog

1ls0b10 | “No Jump Good Arrow Hologram” by Moogthedog @26kmgd | Traps, Casual

This level is quite creative. The swoopadoop puzzle took me a minute to figure out. I love the puzzle with the switches, as well as the package delivery mechanism. It clear that you spent a decent amount of time putting this level together.

I’m not sure if I would label this level as casual, however. I know that when I see a level with a ton of hazards on screen, even ones that later turn out to be decoration, I assume it’s a 3 or 4 diamond level. Additionally, a lot of the inventive uses of components function differently than what a casual player might be expecting.

I think if you want to do something more towards new players, I would take a single concept, like the surprise sky wrigglers or the package launcher, and build a whole level around that. Start with a simple intro that gates the player until they figure it out, then continue to escalate the difficulty, one bit at a time.

That all being said, this level is way more creative than most, and I look forward to seeing what you build next!