Ramshackle Race Way by RetrophileTV

wfbxsk7 | “Ramshackle Race Way” by RetrophileTV @d29oze | Waylay, Quick, Casual

This is one of the rare levels that takes a look at the platformer genre of Levelhead and says “How about we not?”. Another example of that is someone making a pinball machine. This level simulates a multi-lap race and nails the theme. The checkerboard flag is such a nice touch.

I found it fun to run around, although I had some trouble getting past the first corner, as I need to get better at flingos. The level overall looks attractive and colorful.

This is a touch corner.

As a proof of concept, this is perfect and i wouldn’t change a thing. But as a new genre, there is so much potential to be explored. for example, I’d love to see a version that has all three of the power ups, and requires each one to complete the laps. Reall innovative stuff!