The Peaceful Castle by PureKnickers

dhfvgrq | “The Peaceful Castle” by PureKnickers @ref0kg | Secrets, Casual

This level is a great example of a beautiful level. The interweaving of different types of tiles and backdrop is just gorgeous. This level does a great job of taking a single mechanic, the sky wigglers, and introducing them to what might be a casual or new player. The jems are well placed in a way that guides the player and are fun to collect. They also allow for players to choose to speedrun the level or explore and seek jems.

It is incredibly rare to see a cakewalk level of such high quality and effort. The only change I would consider is how many of the vacrats are on a single space and can’t move. If this was done to to reduce difficulty, then perfect, leave it alone. If it was an accident, then it can be a bit akward to have these immobile bad guys throughout the level

This level unabashedly gets the Popdonk Recommends badge!