Fair Pursuit Of Forest by JustSomeDude

q46c5kd | “Fair Pursuit Of Forest” by JustSomeDude @itifvb | Powerups, Well-Paced, Beginner-Friendly

At first glance, this level looks like a night at the casino, Jems glittering everywhere, calling to you. Collect me, they say. Arrows litter the screen, guiding you to your next stop. “Package in the next 50 miles” the billboards say along the highway.

I found this to be an interesting level, with a good variety of puzzles and challenges. I’m quite impressed that the creator makes multiple uses of all three powerups as well as good use of backtracking to reuse existing areas. The creator clearly put thought into the flow and order of the sections. The liberal use of checkpoints helped a lot. although it was surprising how many times I died between the tiptoe checkpoint shown below and the zipper checkpoint.

The biggest changes I would recommend would be some softer, smoother transitions between the sections and the types of scenery. Also, I’d give some consideration to the difficulty ramp. Never did I find the level too difficult, but there were some moments, like getting past the first flapjack or getting past the 4 chain rock swinger, that may have been more difficult than the creator intended.

Overall a great start!

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