Switch Otherwise Ha! by docblock

cp7n0sg | “Switch Otherwise Ha!” by docblock @yejqvq | Puzzling, Secrets, Switch-Heavy

This is a very well done level. It makes a good use of terrain variety, backdrop, asymmetry, and separate “rooms” to create an aesthetically pleasing level. The is also filled with little hidden areas to find if you are in to exploring. Clearly the level creator had fun making this. The level is a joy to play.

On top of that, the use of spikes make it challenging, but never feels gratuitous or overwhelming. The checkpoints help with that as well. The puzzles are interesting and well thought out.

There is one tiny detail preventing this from being a perfect level. It’s possible to accidentally skip over an early puzzle and leave the package behind. You can go a long while until you need the package, but when you do, you are trapped.

Need the package. Hmmm….
And I’m stuck 🙁

Overall a great level. I’m excited to see what docblock makes next.