Over The Blopfush… by Shaunri

hft9k1v | “Over The Blopfush…” by Shaunri | Beginner-Friendly, Chase, Explore

This is a fun level with different sections and a good use of checkpoints. The creator made use of backdrop to make it look appealing, and some jems to guide the player. The jems near the goal was a nice hint. I found the moving platform section to be a fun challenge.

It’s all in the timing

Overall, I think it’s a good use of the limited elements provided in the daily build. I love how each section unlocks part of the final exit. My one recommended change is the blopfish challenge to the right. At first, the chase portion is really really difficult until you realize you can just jump on the blopfish’s head. There was also a lost opportunity to maybe have a hidden area or some jems for people willing to go out of their way for a high score.

The dreaded mechanized blopfish

Overall a good level and really interesting daily build.