Weekly Challenge Roundup #1

Here are this weeks entrants for the weekly build challenge. Entries have to use the daily build feature and the word “reasonably”. There are two categories for voting: design and use of theme. Vote here.

4l7b3m3 | “Bomb Reasonably, GR-18!” by RetrophileTV | Bombs, Secrets, Well-Paced

This neat level makes use of bombs to overcome obstacles and enemies. But be careful, because you might get stuck if you don’t use them reasonably.

rsgqvrs | “Wander Reasonably‚Ķ GR-18” by Zivix | Zipper, Secrets, Long

Zivix has taken the elements from the daily build and created an open world adventure. But it’s quite easy to get stuck or fall on spikes, so make sure to wander reasonably.

4mjtnkj | “Around Blopfush, Reasonably!” by Retro Banana Man NL | Intense, Panic Moments, Simple

Retro Banana Man’s level is a riot of jems and slurb juice, but your greed may land you straight onto a blopfish. So, you know, be reasonable about it.

b4np0r6 | “Reasonably Open A Bumper” by PureKnickers | Precarious, Panic Moments

Pureknickers let’s you open up bumpers to get across…at the cost of turning on fireballs. So, um, be reasonable about it.

70qsrtk | “Reasonably Secret Golden Key” by Ant | Intense, Secrets, Well-Paced

Ant has created a a fun little temple level. I haven’t found the key yet, but he says it’s hidden somewhere reasonable.

xtm7pdt | “Spike Forest, Run Reasonably” by Sjosz | Traps, Package Jump, Precarious

Sjoz has created a beautiful forest of spikes, but your options for getting around are limited, so don’t dilly dally. Be reasonable.

74kl4v9 | “A Reasonably Long Walk” by Cammymoop | Casual, Long, Secrets

Cammymoop has a created jaunt that is long, but not tooooo long. You know, it’s reasonable.

mfjjttc | “Reasonably Solid Hard Clay” by QuantumAnomaly | Bombs, Brawler, Panic Moments

Quantum Anomaly has made a fun little brawler. Be sure to be judicious with your bombs or you will get stuck. The clay is reasonably hard after all.

t3nwh8w | “Reasonably Puzzling, Yeah?” by Popdonk Baggycool | Puzzling, Shop, Quick

Finally, I have created a puzzle shop. I’ve included dead ends to make it more difficult, but not impossible. I want it to be reasonably puzzling.