Bomba Do Suco De Maracujoia by Enzonaki

0810l4d | “Bomba Do Suco De Maracujoia” by Enzonaki | Bombs, Simple

This level makes good use of backdrop, checkpoints, jems, signs, and arrows. This very much feels like a daily build because of it’s simplicity, but it doesn’t appear to be one. I really enjoyed the burny whirlers at the beginning signalling “Wrong way!!!” I also appreciated the hidden area with jems. Given the number of challenges and the difficulty, it felt like it was just the right length.

I’m not sure if I have any recommended changes. I found it frustrating and difficult at times, but I’m not sure if there is a good way to change that or make the learning curve smoother. It may simply be a challenging but fun level. Overall, a good design.