Ditch Right Easily Steel by Betfsgon125

v059090 | “Ditch Right Easily Steel” by Betfsgon125 | Beginner-Friendly, Quick

This is a nice beginner-friendly level. I appreciate that even with such a simple level, the creator used some backdrop to make it visually appealing. I felt that the flapjacks by the burny whirlers was smart, since I was able to jump on the flapjacks and avoid the whirlers. The level is generous in terms of checkpoints, which is critical for a beginner level.

I have two small recommendations for the future. First, in the future you could put some jems up top in the empty area you have. That would encourage players to explore and make them feel smart for using the giant flapjack to get there. Second, if you are going to make it so players can sneak past a bunch of bosses, consider putting the goal in visual range, so they know they don’t have far to go. Overall a great first level!