Bloco Incomum by Sarium

zq1bgd2 | “Bloco Incomum” by Sarium | Kaizo, Traps

I like this level quite a bit because despite the kazio tag, it’s much more of a puzzling level. Multiple times I would think I knew what I had to accomplish and then it would turn out that I was wrong. Quite inventive and thought provoking. It also does it in a way that scales a bit, so the first trick is easy to learn and thus I keep pushing through the rest of the level.

My one main recommendations would be to use a variety of terrain, and some non-rectangular layouts to provide a sense of realness and cohesiveness, to make it feel more like a real place. Perhaps also some signs or jems to provide a bit more variety. I think with that small change this level would earn the Popdonk Recommends badge for being so clever.