The Short Package Level. by redstonepro23

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This is a nice short level. It’s got a good variety of terrain and obstacles. I particularly enjoyed the timing challenge with the blopfush and the burny whirler because it was hard to guess the exact time to jump. The music change for the second half is perfect, I really love it. Overall a well designed level with 3 recommended changes.

First, I would probably change the player cam to a package cam, to prevent people going to wrong way and then locking themselves out. It might have been by design, but when you lock yourself out a level so easily, it can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Ideally if you do lock out a player, they should know what they are doing and feel like it was their fault. A perfect example of this is The Steel Forest Factory by BmiClock.

Second, I would probably add a checkpoint right before the giant flapjack just to make things easier for newer players.

Lastly, there are a number of cloud blocks, but there are just a few jems at the top in a difficult to reach spot. If you are going to add a space like that, reward the player with Jems for exploring and make them feel smart in the process.

For a second level, this is really great, and I think with a tiny bit of refining, the creator could be making some amazing levels.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my level! With the package cam, I hadn’t have unlocked it at the time, but I could do a redesign or sequel if I wanted too. I’ll try my best to keep them as casaul but beginner-friendly if i can. For the Dense Fog there is one hard section that in my video that I uploaded, I used a spring to get up. It contains 1 visible but 11 invisible Jems. All and all, great review, and thanks again for reviewing it!

    1. CORRECTION : There are no Jems, was thinking of a different level. Sorry!

    2. CORRECTION 2 : I didn’t post a video. That was The Dangerous Trek. Sorry!

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