Crush-A: Echo by SchuhBaum

5j6jmlx | “Crush-A: Echo” by SchuhBaum | Music Box, Casual, Waylay

I quite enjoyed this level, The music was good and the tile choices fit a nice theme. I like how the map weaved around so you felt like you were exploring, despite the linear nature of the map.

It was really interesting that the map is casual but had a speedrunning element with the gems. I would have preferred a more staggered approach where each of the groups of 3 gems would disappear one at a time, so even if you aren’t a great speedrunner you could try to get some gems. I probably would cut down on the arrows. After the first few it starts to get a bit repetitive.

I loved how the level gets meta at the end where no only do you see the source of the music, but you also go in and mess it up, like a cat running across a piano. Very clever.