Trouble In Troll Town by ZiLyfe

7j6rljw | “Trouble In Troll Town” by ZiLyfe | Troll, Traps, Casual

I found this to be a quite enjoyable troll level, which is not my usual thing. As the author says, the checkpoints are quite forgiving. All of the tasks are fairly simple and it feels like a game of Simon Says, where you have to remember a set of specific tasks between you and the next checkpoint. There were also a few points where I laughed, like the part with the four Kromblers.


My biggest big of advice is I would have loved to see a bit more visual cohesion and use of backdrop. The tile use is a bit chaotic, which makes sense for a troll level, but a few salient landmarks would have helped the overall vibe I think. I look forward to seeing more work from this author.