“Kronkrete Canopy” by AglowMarmot9883

w32jp5t | “Kronkrete Canopy” by AglowMarmot9883 @4d7dk3 | Panic Moments, Tiptow, Well-Paced

I like that this level had distinct sections and wasn’t just a bunch of boxes. It made use of hidden jems and definitely encouraged a sense of exploring. I would have loved to see some hidden, but visible mega-jems that would encourage exploring even more. I appreciated the use of checkpoints, although checkpoints closer to the spike challenges near the end might have been nice, since I probably died a dozen times on the last two.

I thought the big saw portion was really funny and I think some sound effects for a music change when it started moving could have been really thematic.

I kept getting stuck here

I thought the way you found the power up was clever and made me feel smart when I found it. I had to look around quite a bit for the first key, I don’t know if there would be a good way to make it easier to find without ruining the exploration aspect. Maybe something subtle with signs or arrows pointing the player in the right direction.

Gotta make that jump

Overall I enjoyed the level!