The Steel Forest Factory by Bmiclock

c0tkc0s | “The Steel Forest Factory” by Bmiclock @smqp4f | Long, Powerups, Puzzling

If anyone want’s to see good level design, go check out this level. Good use of space, decorations, backdrop and transitions to make it feel like a real metroidvania style of world. I love the little trees, they feel like mini treehouses, with swoopadoos that need removed. The flingos in the beginning feel fun and bouncy, AND teach the player how to use the flingos later on. I appreciate the checkpoints.

Little treehouses!

I love the hazards that are off but visibly ominous. I love that you get these powerups and then later on the hazards turn on, increasing your ability and the difficulty. Really fun. I applaud any level that can fit in two powerups in a meaningful way. Really creates a sense of space and different sections. I think the 3 flingo challenges was just the right amount of difficulty, it took me a number of tries but I got it. Had to switch to dpad the second time so I could be more accurate.

I’m sure this is fine

One downside and I’m not sure how to avoid this: I skipped the last gold gate with the zipper, and then got myself stuck with tiptoe because the key was on the other side. I’m not sure if this needs fixed, since I had a feeling that would happen, but it did suck that I had invested 15 minutes and locked myself out. [Note: the creator confirmed this was intentional to punish cheaters. Well it worked!]

Gotta get that Zipper

Otherwise no other recommendations, great level and clearly you put the time and effort into it. Solid work.I suppose you could have a golden key on the Tiptoe side, but probably not needed. Those players are chaos monkeys!

Explore The Hidden Temple by Sjosz

qbxn1z9 | “Explore The Hidden Temple” by Sjosz @rswljz | Beginner-Friendly, Simple, Well-Paced

Nice use of backdrop and hidden terrain to make a feeling of inside and out. I like that you used spikes as decorations in some places. You definite nailed the desert temple, metroidvania type of vibe.

The armor was a nice way to make it easier for casual players. I’m glad you put a checkpoint in because I died near the end. I think you make good use of backtracking to force players to cover the same space multiple times.

I love the spike droppers in the beginning making the space feel trapped and dangerous without actually killing the player.Great casual, beginner friendly level overall.