Camera Anchor Puzzle 01 by one dead saint

37dwh0d | “Camera Anchor Puzzle 01” by one dead saint @sgivos | Puzzling, Simple, Casual

This single screen puzzle is perfect, I wouldn’t recommend a single change. I love that I could see the key and the powerup and could anticipate getting them. I love that I wanted to go for the golden key first and had a lightbulb moment.Good simple box puzzles. nice use of hidden areas. Finding invisible jems was fun. Really great stuff. Trying to make a single screen puzzle is a lot of work, especially with everything you have crammed in there.

Jungle And Cave by Ant

6vjszc2 | “Jungle And Cave” by Ant @k1bhyn | Quick, Intense, Panic Moments

Overall well designed level. The little trees looked really cool. You have a nice variety of challenges: box puzzle, package jump, missile avoidance and golden keys. I really like the little puzzle with the missile timing because of the staggered walls that causes them to go off sync. That was really cool.

Soo many spikes.

The only change I would consider, and this is a matter of personal preference, would to be more forgiving with checkpoints. I’m bad at package jump panic, so even though it was short I died a few times on the spikes. I actually had to switch to using the dpad to get enough precision. And then your one checkpoint only has 3 lives. I cycled through that budd-e twice and then just gave up in frustrating. If he had infinite lives or 12 lives, I might have tried harder and pushed through

Easy peasy

Overall fun level and it’s great to see you improving. I really like how you made it feel like a coherent world with smooth transitions. Makes it appealing and signals quality and effort on your part. Good job.

That’s where I left my keys!

The Steel Forest Factory by Bmiclock

c0tkc0s | “The Steel Forest Factory” by Bmiclock @smqp4f | Long, Powerups, Puzzling

If anyone want’s to see good level design, go check out this level. Good use of space, decorations, backdrop and transitions to make it feel like a real metroidvania style of world. I love the little trees, they feel like mini treehouses, with swoopadoos that need removed. The flingos in the beginning feel fun and bouncy, AND teach the player how to use the flingos later on. I appreciate the checkpoints.

Little treehouses!

I love the hazards that are off but visibly ominous. I love that you get these powerups and then later on the hazards turn on, increasing your ability and the difficulty. Really fun. I applaud any level that can fit in two powerups in a meaningful way. Really creates a sense of space and different sections. I think the 3 flingo challenges was just the right amount of difficulty, it took me a number of tries but I got it. Had to switch to dpad the second time so I could be more accurate.

I’m sure this is fine

One downside and I’m not sure how to avoid this: I skipped the last gold gate with the zipper, and then got myself stuck with tiptoe because the key was on the other side. I’m not sure if this needs fixed, since I had a feeling that would happen, but it did suck that I had invested 15 minutes and locked myself out. [Note: the creator confirmed this was intentional to punish cheaters. Well it worked!]

Gotta get that Zipper

Otherwise no other recommendations, great level and clearly you put the time and effort into it. Solid work.I suppose you could have a golden key on the Tiptoe side, but probably not needed. Those players are chaos monkeys!

Calmly Rift Through Time! by ChilledSponge

l90534z | “Calmly Rift Through Time!” by ChilledSponge @82j434 | Complex, Long, Puzzling

Took me nearly 10 minutes to beat it, but it was a lot of fun. I love the choose your own adventure feel. I really appreciate the signs in front of the rifts so I didn’t backtrack constantly. I also appreciate the unlimited checkpoints I liked the variety in challenges, really good there.

Spike death in 3….2….1….

I think the level of difficulty was appropriate for the challenges. Challenging but not overwhelming. the space in the package jump room could have been a bit bigger because I would do a straight package jump and hit the spikes above me. The treadmill every time you came back was a nice touch. It added a feeling of difficulty, without adding any extra difficulty.

Fun level overall.

Musical Clock Switch by Block

f840x02 | “Musical Clock Switch” by Block @n0bhv6 | Switch-Heavy, Paths

I need to come back to this later and beat it but I can tell it’s really well done. Good use of layout and decoration to making it feel like a living world. I love the jems at the top taunting me and providing optional challenge. I like that the rooms are small so I can focus on a tiny portion and then take a break. I would love a check point right before those swoopadoops, they are evil pests. The music part is so cool. It makes it much easier for me to get the timing down and it sounds very ominous. Also I was expecting it to be the same loop over and over again, so when another instrument comes in, it’s a delightful surprise. Favorited so I can give it another go later.

Jem Puzzling by Alpaca Raider

hh4zn58 | “Jem Puzzling” by Alpaca Raider @d8q4p5 | Casual, Simple, Quick

Short, silly and fun. I like it. I like that it starts off simple with a few flingos, which gave me a chance to learn how flingos work. I like that you had a variety of components that fling you around and are fun to play with. I liked that you kept it short and simple and didn’t put in a bijillion flingos, cannons, etc. Each challenge felt straightforward. The slurb juice was a nice touch to make it more manageable. I really enjoyed backtracking with tiptoe because I got to review all the stuff I had done AND I felt cool for being able to skip past everything with tiptoe. I also appreciate that you put in a checkpoint.

Some ideas for improvement: A Jem gate embedded in the wall would let me know that I needed to collect all the jems. I figured it out after a while from the name, but a clue would have saved some struggling. The spikes near the pinball machine were annoying because I would accidentally bounce into them. It was also nerve-wracking that the pinball camera was a smidge above the floor. I kept expecting to die off-screen from the camera.

Some jems guiding me to the tip toe side would have been helpful with the last flingos. I made it over and then fell to my death because i didn’t realize I needed to hit the wall. An arrow at the beginning of the level after you get tiptoe would have been helpful because I backtracked to the start, didn’t see a way out then went forward again. The second time I went back I noticed/remembered the hole in the wall. Having the end gate visible at one point might have also helped me know where I needed to go. until I found the way out of the level, I didn’t know if maybe there was a switch or something I had missed.

Overall good level. Fun idea and clean, simple execution.

It’s A New World 1 by Bmiclock

bsbqk0c | “It’s A New World 1” by Bmiclock @smqp4f | Long, Powerups, Casual

OMG I love this level, please make more. You do a great job of putting things like the package, or tiptoe, or a sliver of a giant jem within player view. This is great level design because it creates a goal and some anticipation in the player. Now they have something they know they are working towards.

You have nice variety of challenges. I loved the dbot because when I saw the spikes, I had assumed I was going to have to package jump and when I found the dbot I was so delighted. Good use of slime blocks to transition to a different “section” of your world. Good use of liberal checkpoints. I appreciated that the monster checkpoint didn’t require killing everything, if I recall. I really enjoyed skipping some sections with the zipper, that made me feel smart.

The only change I would recommend, is possibly using the backdrop tile more to make it feel more cozy and create a feeling of more inside sections as opposed to all outside sections. I’m probably weird like this, but my brain doesn’t like tons and tons of floating sections, it wants something to hold them up visually.

Stellar work, I look forward to the sequel.

Secret Package. Doom Temple by Padwoo N Boopafunka

wfvkjdq | “Secret Package. Doom Temple” by Padwoo N Boopafunka @zxj3rx | Secrets, Traps, Well-Paced

Initial Thoughts:
I love this level. It’s such a cool idea of having to get really close to the package cams. It makes a normal navigation challenge feel a little bit more puzzling. The layout with the pedestal for the package and all the package cams makes it feel like you are stealing something from an ancient temple, and have to run through all the dangerous chambers. Reminds me a smidge of Indiana Jones. Good use of checkpoints to make it manageable.

The only two changes I would consider: Some way to get back up on the pedestal if you miss a few of the cams. I fell early and had to restart there. Also, making the second to last chamber sliiightly less crazy. I almost gave up on it because of how chaotic it was. But I managed it and the last chamber was pretty easy.

Later thoughts:

I thought I was supposed to be seen! I didn’t realize it was the opposite. What I would probably do if you make a sequel is have something that gets turned on within visible range of the player (maybe I missed it)I completely misunderstood the goal of the level. I really like the idea of having to sneak out with the package.

Peaceful Jog by BscotchChristine

0j1gght | “Peaceful Jog” by BscotchChristine @lumshx | Casual, Simple, Quick

Awesome level for beginners. It’s rare to see so much thought put into an easy level. It’s got a nice mix of platforming, combat, and a switch. It’s challenging without ever feeling overwhelming. I think if you had a checkpoint right before the spikey bits, it would be perfect.

Explore The Buttery Chamber! Popcorn05

1zrrngb | “Explore The Buttery Chamber!” by Popcorn05 @krdcmw | Panic Moments, Secrets, Tiptow

I love the worldbuildng, the jems mocking you and the beginning and the realization you have to go down into the sewers. The level design really makes it feel like you are in the sewers. I like the mix of puzzles and combat. I think if you didn’t have the checkpoint visible right after the first jump I might have given up. Great level.