Jem Bam 2 by GKar

phfq0n3 | “Jem Bam 2” by GKar | Beginner-Friendly, Puzzling, Quick

This level is an interesting take on the pacman theme. I like the idea quit a bit and getting the lectroshields are a lot of fun. It definitely nails the whole vibe of playing pacman inside of levelhead.

I do have to wonder if it would have been better with 2×2 pathways instead of the 1×1, just because it’s so difficult to kill the bad guys when you can’t maneuver. Or at the very least maybe a checkpoint or two, so I would be more inclined to push through it. Overall, it’s nice to see people pushing the envelope like this in Levelhead.

2 Tower Gauntlet by One Of Three Names

ngxk444 | ” 2 Tower Gauntlet” by One Of Three Names | Beginner-Friendly, Quick, Well-Paced

I love the variety of obstacles and terrain types. I love the theme of weaving your way back and forth between two towers. I think this is a great, beautiful design. The only thing lacking is more checkpoints. It’s quite easy to die in this level and if there were more checkpoints, I’d be more motivated to push through it. This is especially important since you were aiming at beginner friendly. Great first level, I can’t wait to see what else you make.

Dune Factory Blopfush Crush! by ZLDFN101

tw0964s | “Dune Factory Blopfush Crush!” by ZLDFN101 | Beginner-Friendly, Contraption, Clever

Great use of the design pattern of gating the player with a simple task and then escalating. In this level we learn that doors function as DEATH MACHINES. I love it when creators take a clever approach to game mechanics like this. Great use of blopfish on paths to make it challenging because of the varied pace and direction. Good use of terrain and backdrop aesthetically.

Two small recommendations: one the big vacrat got a bit tedious, because the first door would push him back sometimes. Additionally, to open the last ballogs for him also opened his way back. So it took me a number of tried to get him killed.

The other recommendation, and this just personal choice, is it would have been really funny if in the last section the tables were turned and YOU the player had to make your way through timed doors of death. Just some food for thought. Overall, a great design.

Ditch Right Easily Steel by Betfsgon125

v059090 | “Ditch Right Easily Steel” by Betfsgon125 | Beginner-Friendly, Quick

This is a nice beginner-friendly level. I appreciate that even with such a simple level, the creator used some backdrop to make it visually appealing. I felt that the flapjacks by the burny whirlers was smart, since I was able to jump on the flapjacks and avoid the whirlers. The level is generous in terms of checkpoints, which is critical for a beginner level.

I have two small recommendations for the future. First, in the future you could put some jems up top in the empty area you have. That would encourage players to explore and make them feel smart for using the giant flapjack to get there. Second, if you are going to make it so players can sneak past a bunch of bosses, consider putting the goal in visual range, so they know they don’t have far to go. Overall a great first level!

Over The Blopfush… by Shaunri

hft9k1v | “Over The Blopfush…” by Shaunri | Beginner-Friendly, Chase, Explore

This is a fun level with different sections and a good use of checkpoints. The creator made use of backdrop to make it look appealing, and some jems to guide the player. The jems near the goal was a nice hint. I found the moving platform section to be a fun challenge.

It’s all in the timing

Overall, I think it’s a good use of the limited elements provided in the daily build. I love how each section unlocks part of the final exit. My one recommended change is the blopfish challenge to the right. At first, the chase portion is really really difficult until you realize you can just jump on the blopfish’s head. There was also a lost opportunity to maybe have a hidden area or some jems for people willing to go out of their way for a high score.

The dreaded mechanized blopfish

Overall a good level and really interesting daily build.

Double Ditch Of Doom! by Cajoma01

30dlwpq | “Double Ditch Of Doom!” by Cajoma01 | Beginner-Friendly, Panic Moments, Secrets

This is a fun little level and a great use of the daily build. It does a good job of breaking the level into sections and taking advantage of the objects available in the daily build. I appreciated the checkpoints as well as the hidden area. It was quick and simple enough that I wanted to try to optimize my run and play it again and again.

A few small recommendations: First, I would suggest using backdrop to make the level feel more coherent. Also, I would add more hidden areas with lots of jems to allow the highest score to be separate from the fastest run. Overall a fun level and fantastic start.

Fair Pursuit Of Forest by JustSomeDude

q46c5kd | “Fair Pursuit Of Forest” by JustSomeDude @itifvb | Powerups, Well-Paced, Beginner-Friendly

At first glance, this level looks like a night at the casino, Jems glittering everywhere, calling to you. Collect me, they say. Arrows litter the screen, guiding you to your next stop. “Package in the next 50 miles” the billboards say along the highway.

I found this to be an interesting level, with a good variety of puzzles and challenges. I’m quite impressed that the creator makes multiple uses of all three powerups as well as good use of backtracking to reuse existing areas. The creator clearly put thought into the flow and order of the sections. The liberal use of checkpoints helped a lot. although it was surprising how many times I died between the tiptoe checkpoint shown below and the zipper checkpoint.

The biggest changes I would recommend would be some softer, smoother transitions between the sections and the types of scenery. Also, I’d give some consideration to the difficulty ramp. Never did I find the level too difficult, but there were some moments, like getting past the first flapjack or getting past the 4 chain rock swinger, that may have been more difficult than the creator intended.

Overall a great start!

Crombler Turbo Jem Dig by QuantumAnomaly

v0010jn | “Crombler Turbo Jem Dig” by QuantumAnomaly @ya0lqh | Beginner-Friendly, Panic Moments, Quick

Whenever I see Beginner-Friendly and Panic Moments, I am always a little skeptical, but this level pulls it off. It has a nice variety of mechanics, but nothing is ever particularly overwhelming. I love the theme of Cromblers being conscripted to dig a quarry. I want to see a drawing of them with little hard hats now. Overall, a solid level.