“Lizumi Chill” by Redzur | Simple, Boss

6rmdvbg | “Lizumi Chill” by @j7mzq1 | Simple, Boss

This is Redzur’s first boss level and I like the overall approach. The creator make use of the snowstorm effect, a variety of tiles to create an interesting level. The level feels approachable to new players and has good use of checkpoints, but still has some challenges.

I appreciated the use of gems to add some extra difficulty for advanced players, and I think this could have been done even more with some extra vertical platforms. Given how linear the level was, some extra challenges for advanced players would really make it pop. Same thing with the intial door switch, this could be changed into a minor challenge of some sort.

This got me 3 times!

Ironically, the hardest part of the level, was the air platform before the first checkpoint. I must have died 3 times falling into the vacrat, which was a little frustrating because of the checkpoint being right after that.

As for future improvements to the level, there are a few things I think that could be done to round it out. First, I think the snowstorm effect could be turned off when entering the boss fight. This would help to signal that you are in a different area. Second, I think some more hinting on the level secrets would be really nice. I fell into the hidden gem area and never noticed the hidden blocks until the second run through. Some gems to hint at these things could help make the player feel smart.

Overall, a great starting level!

Missile Madness by Tobvet

1pt11ds | “Missile Madness” by Tobvet | Beginner-Friendly, Contraption, Boss

This is a great example of level design. There is a nice use of varied tiles, backdrop and asymmetry to make it feel like a lived space. Gems and layout are used to guide the player to the first challenge in such a way that it become quickly apparent what needs to be done. The level has multiple varied challenges, but the use of checkpoints keeps it from becoming overwhelming.

In particular I enjoyed how the missiles have the frenemy relationship with you. You need them to progress through the level, but the wrong angle and they will kill you. I found it to be an enjoyable challenge and something silly about trying to guide this huge missile through a tiny cavern. Really well done, Popdonk recommends!