Waylay Brawl Zone by CJ5Boss

k4kwj30 | “Waylay Brawl Zone” by CJ5Boss | Brawler, Waylay

Waylay Brawl zone is a very challenging brawler against the swoopadoops. I enjoyed the fact that the layout was asymmetrical and didn’t depend on boring rectangles. I enjoyed the feeling with the gates that you had these different compartments you had to work your way through.

I would love to see some easier options for multiple saves, and maybe some better spacing of the swoops. I died a lot of times. In fact there was at least one time I was down to one swoop, but died and had to start all over again. Finally I would have loved more room for dunking 🙂

That last little jerk killed me

The Ancient Jem Heist by HighChair

6mz963d | “The Ancient Jem Heist” by HighChair | Brawler, Well-Paced

I love the level aesthetic on this one. It really feels like you are in a Flipwip den. Great use of backdrop, varied terrain and decorative elements. The level escalates in difficulty and has plenty of room to avoid the flipwips. While this is a brawler, I would have loved to see some variety in the challenges. With some variety to keep things interesting, the sequel to this level could easily get the Popdonk Recommends badge.

Торт, Это Опасность!! by Themoke

nhzb2xs | “Торт, Это Опасность!!” by Themoke @xs5tng | Powerups, Quick, Brawler

Hooo boy this took me 20 minutes to beat! I’m really impressed that you made a level using all three powerups in a way that felt smooth and made sense. Level design overall was good. Had a few hidden spots without feeling gratuitous. I liked that the starting area was small enough to force you to find a solution quickly. I really enjoyed the puzzle of getting the batter back while using the flingo. I appreciated that you added flingos.

Some big bois

The tiptoe climb was challenging but not too bad. The top two spikes got me a lot. The zipper hidden area I had to zip into was hard to find, so I ended up backtracking once because I thought I was missing something. The finally battle was REALLY TOUGH. The powerups helped but I died at least 20-30 times. Not having the lizumi right by the spawn would have helped a lot. The falling spike were frustrating because they were out of view and I let me guard down after the big finale battle and hard to try 10-15 more times to beat the bad guys again.

Now how do I get that up there?