Crush It Quietly Nicely by Morp

bgm1vx8 | “Crush It Quietly Nicely” by Morp @1swnd2 | Casual, Quick, Simple

A fun, simple level that’s well paced, broken into 3-4 different sections and challenges. It uses a variety of obstacles to stay interesting, and it is generous with the checkpoints. I appreciate the escalating difficulty in such a simple level.

I would consider slight more use of backdrop and terrain to tie together the floating bits a bit more. Also, if this were a much longer level, I’d suggest having separate paths for speedrunners versus jem seekers. Given it’s simplicity, however, that would be overkill here.

Ramshackle Race Way by RetrophileTV

wfbxsk7 | “Ramshackle Race Way” by RetrophileTV @d29oze | Waylay, Quick, Casual

This is one of the rare levels that takes a look at the platformer genre of Levelhead and says “How about we not?”. Another example of that is someone making a pinball machine. This level simulates a multi-lap race and nails the theme. The checkerboard flag is such a nice touch.

I found it fun to run around, although I had some trouble getting past the first corner, as I need to get better at flingos. The level overall looks attractive and colorful.

This is a touch corner.

As a proof of concept, this is perfect and i wouldn’t change a thing. But as a new genre, there is so much potential to be explored. for example, I’d love to see a version that has all three of the power ups, and requires each one to complete the laps. Reall innovative stuff!

The Peaceful Castle by PureKnickers

dhfvgrq | “The Peaceful Castle” by PureKnickers @ref0kg | Secrets, Casual

This level is a great example of a beautiful level. The interweaving of different types of tiles and backdrop is just gorgeous. This level does a great job of taking a single mechanic, the sky wigglers, and introducing them to what might be a casual or new player. The jems are well placed in a way that guides the player and are fun to collect. They also allow for players to choose to speedrun the level or explore and seek jems.

It is incredibly rare to see a cakewalk level of such high quality and effort. The only change I would consider is how many of the vacrats are on a single space and can’t move. If this was done to to reduce difficulty, then perfect, leave it alone. If it was an accident, then it can be a bit akward to have these immobile bad guys throughout the level

This level unabashedly gets the Popdonk Recommends badge!

No Jump Good Arrow Hologram by Moogthedog

1ls0b10 | “No Jump Good Arrow Hologram” by Moogthedog @26kmgd | Traps, Casual

This level is quite creative. The swoopadoop puzzle took me a minute to figure out. I love the puzzle with the switches, as well as the package delivery mechanism. It clear that you spent a decent amount of time putting this level together.

I’m not sure if I would label this level as casual, however. I know that when I see a level with a ton of hazards on screen, even ones that later turn out to be decoration, I assume it’s a 3 or 4 diamond level. Additionally, a lot of the inventive uses of components function differently than what a casual player might be expecting.

I think if you want to do something more towards new players, I would take a single concept, like the surprise sky wrigglers or the package launcher, and build a whole level around that. Start with a simple intro that gates the player until they figure it out, then continue to escalate the difficulty, one bit at a time.

That all being said, this level is way more creative than most, and I look forward to seeing what you build next!

Throw Block Trek! by ZLDFN101

wq1mmhs | “Throw Block Trek!” by ZLDFN101 @yhn3lg | Throwing Mastery, Casual

This is a fun casual level. It has enough challenge to be engaging but is approachable to new players. Great use of varied terrain and backdrop. I love the hidden cache of jems that you can see quite clearly later and connect the dots mentally. I think it’s interesting how you loop back to the beginning by the end of the level.

My packages!

Very well done level. It’s rare to see well designed levels that are also easy to beat. I only have two recommendations for improvement. First, I would have placed a 3 crate puzzle early on to “gate” people who try to take only one package all the way. Second, I’d move the burny whirly that is near the bad guys, so you can’t fall on it by accident. Otherwise, fantastic level!

This Burny Whirler is asking for trouble

Box Befuddlement by Cammymoop

dqwcqs7 | “Box Befuddlement” by Cammymoop @cgm03g | Puzzling, Casual

This is by far one of the funniest levels I’ve ever played. You start out with this big warehouse of boxes and think “Do I need all of these……?” The rest of the level is a fun series of puzzles involving boxes. I found it challenging without being overwhelming. Really great level. My only recommendation would be to add some backdrop and decorations to make the level feel more cohesive.

Easily… Open Leap Gently! by Andresian

vsr4c0r | “Easily… Open Leap Gently!” by Andresian @xxkjkl | Casual, Package Jump, Quick

This is a fun little casual level. The use of backdrop and layout makes it feel like a real place. I really enjoyed the puzzle of having to throw down the package to get across. I loved that there was a single block in the way that prevent you from cheating by just getting a high jump at the beginning.

How did that Vacrat get up there?

If it was a bit longer or harder, I’d want a checkpoint, but it is quite short. I only have two possible improvements. First, the second package is a bit of a distractor. I assumed I was going to need it later on and then never did.

Second, I would give some thought to the difficulty level. I would consider making the second half of the level a little harder, since the first package jump does take a bit of skill to accomplish.

Overall a fun little level!

Labirinto Aconchegante by Sarium

mcvq32w | “Labirinto Aconchegante” by Sarium @qam90x | Casual, Well-Paced

Simple little level. The conveyors build a sense of anticipation. The one box, two plates puzzle was simple and neat. The use of cannons is likely to be fun to new players without being gratuitous.

I really enjoyed the cannon lowering animation after I killed the vacrat, I felt like I earned something. Great level for the intended audience.

Camera Anchor Puzzle 01 by one dead saint

37dwh0d | “Camera Anchor Puzzle 01” by one dead saint @sgivos | Puzzling, Simple, Casual

This single screen puzzle is perfect, I wouldn’t recommend a single change. I love that I could see the key and the powerup and could anticipate getting them. I love that I wanted to go for the golden key first and had a lightbulb moment.Good simple box puzzles. nice use of hidden areas. Finding invisible jems was fun. Really great stuff. Trying to make a single screen puzzle is a lot of work, especially with everything you have crammed in there.