Hopeful Infinity by Rain

x8ggc36 | “Hopeful Infinity” by Rain | Package Jump, Casual, Simple

Casual infinity is a well designed level for casual players. It uses backdrop and a variety of tile types to look visually appealing. It makes good use of checkpoints to be forgiving and Jems to encourage a bit of exploration. Having the package plus the regret gates is smart because it shows the player the objective, shows them a way that won’t work, and thus gets their brain working on a valid solution.

The puzzles are appropriate for a casual player, but still require some thought. I really enjoyed the reuse of space and going back through an area that was blocked off by spikes.

My singular piece of advice would, once you have unlocked the tiles, to have hidden areas with larger jems so that some players can get a high score without having to speedrun the level. That will add some replayability and cater to a third audience beyond casual players and speedrunners. Overall, this level earns the Popdonk Recommends badge for great design.

Tree Tree Tree Death by stofSt0rm

575gjlr | “Tree Tree Tree Death” by stofSt0rm | Quick, Package Jump, Panic Moments

This has got to be my favorite package jump level, for a number of reasons. It is short, achievable and generous with checkpoints. It has a theme instead of being pure spikes, and it makes good use of jems and at least one hidden area.

I can wholeheartedly give this the Popdonk Recommends badge!

Easily… Open Leap Gently! by Andresian

vsr4c0r | “Easily… Open Leap Gently!” by Andresian @xxkjkl | Casual, Package Jump, Quick

This is a fun little casual level. The use of backdrop and layout makes it feel like a real place. I really enjoyed the puzzle of having to throw down the package to get across. I loved that there was a single block in the way that prevent you from cheating by just getting a high jump at the beginning.

How did that Vacrat get up there?

If it was a bit longer or harder, I’d want a checkpoint, but it is quite short. I only have two possible improvements. First, the second package is a bit of a distractor. I assumed I was going to need it later on and then never did.

Second, I would give some thought to the difficulty level. I would consider making the second half of the level a little harder, since the first package jump does take a bit of skill to accomplish.

Overall a fun little level!

Super Secret Package! by Padwoo N Boopafunka

0tsc785 | “Super Secret Package!” by Padwoo N Boopafunka @zxj3rx | Traps, Precise, Package Jump

Really great start. I like where you are going with the lot of this stuff. I really appreciated the checkpoints you put in there. I thought the double use and puzzle with the missiles was brilliant. You present the player with an impossible challenge and then an “a-ha!” moment. That is good level design.

I probably would have blocked off the top part of the fire whirlers if you wanted to force people to take the bottom route. If either was valid, I probably would have added some backdrop or a bit of roof to make it feel like both were valid paths.

I’m not a huge fan of that single secret leaf area on that jump early on. While it’s a fun surprise, players might get discouraged because it doesn’t look like they will clear the jump and may give up early. I would also maybe do something slightly different with the saws in the beginning, maybe put in a camera object? It’s frustrating to barely be able to see the saws and plan your jump.

The little secret in the one tree is great. It make the player feel smart but also makes them work for it if they want to those Jems. Great design. I also like your varied used of blocks to create different challenges.

The part with the vacrat is very challenging because you have a tiny ledge to land on and he moves fast. If it’s intended that way, great. If you wanted it a smidge easier, you could make him smaller.

I’m currently stuck at the part with the package cam and it’s an interesting puzzle.

Overall fantastic start. My one other piece of advice would be to add a bit more decoration and blending for transitions from tree to kronkrete. Other creators, not you, sometimes just throw whatever onto the screen with no thought for making it coherent and smooth. As a result, if I see lots of random floating bits or jarring transitions, I subconsciously assume it”s a low quality level. Your is not a low quality level!!! But, my lizard brain doesn’t know that. Some decoration and transitions would signal to me how much thought you put into it.