“Kronkrete Canopy” by AglowMarmot9883

w32jp5t | “Kronkrete Canopy” by AglowMarmot9883 @4d7dk3 | Panic Moments, Tiptow, Well-Paced

I like that this level had distinct sections and wasn’t just a bunch of boxes. It made use of hidden jems and definitely encouraged a sense of exploring. I would have loved to see some hidden, but visible mega-jems that would encourage exploring even more. I appreciated the use of checkpoints, although checkpoints closer to the spike challenges near the end might have been nice, since I probably died a dozen times on the last two.

I thought the big saw portion was really funny and I think some sound effects for a music change when it started moving could have been really thematic.

I kept getting stuck here

I thought the way you found the power up was clever and made me feel smart when I found it. I had to look around quite a bit for the first key, I don’t know if there would be a good way to make it easier to find without ruining the exploration aspect. Maybe something subtle with signs or arrows pointing the player in the right direction.

Gotta make that jump

Overall I enjoyed the level!

Climb Leaf Tower, GR-18… by Rain

w8x8z7c | “Climb Leaf Tower, GR-18…” by Rain | Panic Moments, Intense, Long

I really like how this level creates challenge with just the starting blocks, but is generous enough with checkpoints to make it achievable. I am excited to see what the creator does with the constraints of the daily build!

There is a good variety in terrain types and backdrop. The puzzles are straightforward, although the flapjacks falling on you can be funny and challenging sometimes. Also, twice I jumped on one and got stuck in his cage.

The creator makes good use of building sections, and has a bit of escalating difficulty, which is great. My one recommendation is slightly better pacing, which is hard to put into words.The different rooms didn’t always feel like they had a clear vibe or goal, and the challenges didn’t always feel like they clearly escalated in challenge. So, a sequel has some potential for a little bit more flow.

That being said, great level overall. Challenging and fun to beat.

Wumble, The Hideous Champion by GooGroker

2pjqs7m | “Wumble, The Hideous Champion” by GooGroker | Chase, Panic Moments, Intense

This level is utterly amazing and you should go play it now. Googroker has made a chase level with some sort of hideous monster built out of hazards are on paths. The monster, the sound effects, everything, it is great. It truly creates the feeling of being chased. This level wholeheartedly earns the Popdonk Recommends badge.

Tree Tree Tree Death by stofSt0rm

575gjlr | “Tree Tree Tree Death” by stofSt0rm | Quick, Package Jump, Panic Moments

This has got to be my favorite package jump level, for a number of reasons. It is short, achievable and generous with checkpoints. It has a theme instead of being pure spikes, and it makes good use of jems and at least one hidden area.

I can wholeheartedly give this the Popdonk Recommends badge!

Diver Excursion, Down Under by Retro Banana Man NL

px034xt | “Diver Excursion, Down Under” by Retro Banana Man NL | Panic Moments, Paths, Secrets

This level is a really interesting take on a theme. The idea of being underwater is apparent from the title and the overall look. The most interesting piece was the jems on tracks, looking like they are floating through the water. I found this level to be simple, challenging, and enjoyable. Really creative idea.

Double Ditch Of Doom! by Cajoma01

30dlwpq | “Double Ditch Of Doom!” by Cajoma01 | Beginner-Friendly, Panic Moments, Secrets

This is a fun little level and a great use of the daily build. It does a good job of breaking the level into sections and taking advantage of the objects available in the daily build. I appreciated the checkpoints as well as the hidden area. It was quick and simple enough that I wanted to try to optimize my run and play it again and again.

A few small recommendations: First, I would suggest using backdrop to make the level feel more coherent. Also, I would add more hidden areas with lots of jems to allow the highest score to be separate from the fastest run. Overall a fun level and fantastic start.

Crombler Turbo Jem Dig by QuantumAnomaly

v0010jn | “Crombler Turbo Jem Dig” by QuantumAnomaly @ya0lqh | Beginner-Friendly, Panic Moments, Quick

Whenever I see Beginner-Friendly and Panic Moments, I am always a little skeptical, but this level pulls it off. It has a nice variety of mechanics, but nothing is ever particularly overwhelming. I love the theme of Cromblers being conscripted to dig a quarry. I want to see a drawing of them with little hard hats now. Overall, a solid level.

Jungle And Cave by Ant

6vjszc2 | “Jungle And Cave” by Ant @k1bhyn | Quick, Intense, Panic Moments

Overall well designed level. The little trees looked really cool. You have a nice variety of challenges: box puzzle, package jump, missile avoidance and golden keys. I really like the little puzzle with the missile timing because of the staggered walls that causes them to go off sync. That was really cool.

Soo many spikes.

The only change I would consider, and this is a matter of personal preference, would to be more forgiving with checkpoints. I’m bad at package jump panic, so even though it was short I died a few times on the spikes. I actually had to switch to using the dpad to get enough precision. And then your one checkpoint only has 3 lives. I cycled through that budd-e twice and then just gave up in frustrating. If he had infinite lives or 12 lives, I might have tried harder and pushed through

Easy peasy

Overall fun level and it’s great to see you improving. I really like how you made it feel like a coherent world with smooth transitions. Makes it appealing and signals quality and effort on your part. Good job.

That’s where I left my keys!

2 Way Search by Retro Banana Man NL

fh32wc6 | “Up Over Jumpy Escapade” by Magalagums @m2l8fg | Beginner-Friendly, Simple, Quick

I like the idea quite a bit. Choose your own adventure and exploration is fun. I love the blopfish on paths makes them unpredictable and terrifying, lol. The Lizumi on the top of the first chamber is easy to cheese with her own missiles. I think a checkpoint at the beginning would have been really nice. It’s frustrating to explore, explore and then die and have to start all over. Especially if you are going to have one path drop you into spikes.

I’m personally not a fan of surprise spike floor. I got stuck on the path on the top left with the 3 switches. I turn on all 3 switches but the regret gate at the top didn’t change? I got my package stuck between the regret gates next to the golden key.

Pure Sadness

It seems like there are some areas you need the package to get through, with the spikes and all. Some package cams might have been nice to prevent players from going to spots without the package. Overall really cool and fun idea.