Diver Excursion, Down Under by Retro Banana Man NL

px034xt | “Diver Excursion, Down Under” by Retro Banana Man NL | Panic Moments, Paths, Secrets

This level is a really interesting take on a theme. The idea of being underwater is apparent from the title and the overall look. The most interesting piece was the jems on tracks, looking like they are floating through the water. I found this level to be simple, challenging, and enjoyable. Really creative idea.

Bomb Away! Bomb Away! by Ps7cho

52d6kj4 | “Bomb Away! Bomb Away!” by Ps7cho @xppvz7 | Bombs, Paths, Clever

This is an incredible engaging, inventive and challenging level. It feels like you are in charge of this little ship trying to fire at all the enemy combatants. It’s easy to start, with but quite difficult to get all of the bad guys. I also enjoyed the ending for how you get out of your ship.

My only recommendation for improvement would be to have a monster gate or two in visible range at the beginning. I assumed I needed to kill all the bad guys, but wasn’t entirely sure until the end.

Musical Clock Switch by Block

f840x02 | “Musical Clock Switch” by Block @n0bhv6 | Switch-Heavy, Paths

I need to come back to this later and beat it but I can tell it’s really well done. Good use of layout and decoration to making it feel like a living world. I love the jems at the top taunting me and providing optional challenge. I like that the rooms are small so I can focus on a tiny portion and then take a break. I would love a check point right before those swoopadoops, they are evil pests. The music part is so cool. It makes it much easier for me to get the timing down and it sounds very ominous. Also I was expecting it to be the same loop over and over again, so when another instrument comes in, it’s a delightful surprise. Favorited so I can give it another go later.