“Little Jogger” by Spikeynator

4h0h20z | “Little Jogger” by Spikeynator @kknrmp | Kaizo, Precise, Teaching

I absolutely love this level. It does a great job of teaching some of the basic mechanics. I really enjoyed the challenges and the increasing difficulty, that was great. I’m not sure if I had done the ocula throw and bounce before.

There were signs and clear indicators everywhere, but still a little bit of space for that lightbulb moment as a player. Each section feels different and the use of backdrop and variety makes the levels aesthetically pleasing

I have a few recommended changes. First, I think for any level like this, there should be a checkpoint after every challenge, even the simple ones. Second, I would consider swapping out the kaizo with beginner friendly. This is a great beginner friendly kaizo level! and I know for me that I generally avoid kaizo levels because they are too hard, but thankfully the diamond indicator exists. Finally, it could be longer! I was surprised it was only 3 challenges, you could easy have 5 and it wouldn’t be too long if you had a checkpoint for each one and a forgiving difficulty curve.

This level unabashedly earns the Popdonk Recommends badge!

Tree Top Hop by Sjosz

1vf1z1v | “Tree Top Hop” by Sjosz @rswljz | Traps, Precise

This level gets the Popdonk Recommends badge for sheer hilarity alone.

It starts off simple enough. The rain, the trees, the spike here or there, the spike dropper nearly hitting you, all of it creates this ambiance of this dangerous forest. And yet at the same time it lulls you into a false sense of security. The spikes are rare. The flapjacks are dumb. The spike droppers never hit you.

A sleepy little forest

And then you get the package, AND GIANT SAWS COME OUT. And now what was a cakewalk, is suddenly a challenging level. On top of all that, I enjoyed the little caches of jems to cater to the score hunters as well as the speed runners.

This is fine.

Overall another great level.

Super Secret Package! by Padwoo N Boopafunka

0tsc785 | “Super Secret Package!” by Padwoo N Boopafunka @zxj3rx | Traps, Precise, Package Jump

Really great start. I like where you are going with the lot of this stuff. I really appreciated the checkpoints you put in there. I thought the double use and puzzle with the missiles was brilliant. You present the player with an impossible challenge and then an “a-ha!” moment. That is good level design.

I probably would have blocked off the top part of the fire whirlers if you wanted to force people to take the bottom route. If either was valid, I probably would have added some backdrop or a bit of roof to make it feel like both were valid paths.

I’m not a huge fan of that single secret leaf area on that jump early on. While it’s a fun surprise, players might get discouraged because it doesn’t look like they will clear the jump and may give up early. I would also maybe do something slightly different with the saws in the beginning, maybe put in a camera object? It’s frustrating to barely be able to see the saws and plan your jump.

The little secret in the one tree is great. It make the player feel smart but also makes them work for it if they want to those Jems. Great design. I also like your varied used of blocks to create different challenges.

The part with the vacrat is very challenging because you have a tiny ledge to land on and he moves fast. If it’s intended that way, great. If you wanted it a smidge easier, you could make him smaller.

I’m currently stuck at the part with the package cam and it’s an interesting puzzle.

Overall fantastic start. My one other piece of advice would be to add a bit more decoration and blending for transitions from tree to kronkrete. Other creators, not you, sometimes just throw whatever onto the screen with no thought for making it coherent and smooth. As a result, if I see lots of random floating bits or jarring transitions, I subconsciously assume it”s a low quality level. Your is not a low quality level!!! But, my lizard brain doesn’t know that. Some decoration and transitions would signal to me how much thought you put into it.

2 Way Search by Retro Banana Man NL

fh32wc6 | “Up Over Jumpy Escapade” by Magalagums @m2l8fg | Beginner-Friendly, Simple, Quick

I like the idea quite a bit. Choose your own adventure and exploration is fun. I love the blopfish on paths makes them unpredictable and terrifying, lol. The Lizumi on the top of the first chamber is easy to cheese with her own missiles. I think a checkpoint at the beginning would have been really nice. It’s frustrating to explore, explore and then die and have to start all over. Especially if you are going to have one path drop you into spikes.

I’m personally not a fan of surprise spike floor. I got stuck on the path on the top left with the 3 switches. I turn on all 3 switches but the regret gate at the top didn’t change? I got my package stuck between the regret gates next to the golden key.

Pure Sadness

It seems like there are some areas you need the package to get through, with the spikes and all. Some package cams might have been nice to prevent players from going to spots without the package. Overall really cool and fun idea.