Crush-A: Echo by SchuhBaum

5j6jmlx | “Crush-A: Echo” by SchuhBaum | Music Box, Casual, Waylay

I quite enjoyed this level, The music was good and the tile choices fit a nice theme. I like how the map weaved around so you felt like you were exploring, despite the linear nature of the map.

It was really interesting that the map is casual but had a speedrunning element with the gems. I would have preferred a more staggered approach where each of the groups of 3 gems would disappear one at a time, so even if you aren’t a great speedrunner you could try to get some gems. I probably would cut down on the arrows. After the first few it starts to get a bit repetitive.

I loved how the level gets meta at the end where no only do you see the source of the music, but you also go in and mess it up, like a cat running across a piano. Very clever.

Waylay Brawl Zone by CJ5Boss

k4kwj30 | “Waylay Brawl Zone” by CJ5Boss | Brawler, Waylay

Waylay Brawl zone is a very challenging brawler against the swoopadoops. I enjoyed the fact that the layout was asymmetrical and didn’t depend on boring rectangles. I enjoyed the feeling with the gates that you had these different compartments you had to work your way through.

I would love to see some easier options for multiple saves, and maybe some better spacing of the swoops. I died a lot of times. In fact there was at least one time I was down to one swoop, but died and had to start all over again. Finally I would have loved more room for dunking 🙂

That last little jerk killed me

Ramshackle Race Way by RetrophileTV

wfbxsk7 | “Ramshackle Race Way” by RetrophileTV @d29oze | Waylay, Quick, Casual

This is one of the rare levels that takes a look at the platformer genre of Levelhead and says “How about we not?”. Another example of that is someone making a pinball machine. This level simulates a multi-lap race and nails the theme. The checkerboard flag is such a nice touch.

I found it fun to run around, although I had some trouble getting past the first corner, as I need to get better at flingos. The level overall looks attractive and colorful.

This is a touch corner.

As a proof of concept, this is perfect and i wouldn’t change a thing. But as a new genre, there is so much potential to be explored. for example, I’d love to see a version that has all three of the power ups, and requires each one to complete the laps. Reall innovative stuff!