Rumble Ridge, Cross Country? by minichibisart

h2v7z75 | “Rumble Ridge, Cross Country?” by minichibisart | Well-Paced, Zipper, Secrets

This is a good example of an autoscroller level. The level felt cohesive and had a good variety in the layout and terrain. The level was challenging without being overwhelming. I think it may have benefited from one extra checkpoint earlier on, since I nearly gave up at one point. I really appreciated the hidden area with the jems.

Something else that was interesting for an autoscroller is having different speeds for different parts. It might have been nice if the scrolling was player activated, so people could get their bearings a bit. Good level overall.

Popjaw, Help! by Cammymoop

z4n2f75 | “Popjaw, Help!” by Cammymoop @cgm03g | Zipper, Chase, Simple

This is a really inventive level. I always love it when a creator takes one of the bad guys in the game and forces your to corral them. It usually presents an interesting challenge. It takes even more effort to integrate the Zipper powerup, since it’s so easy to cheese a level with that. The level is definitely challenging and forces you to think. I’m stuck right now right before the first checkpoint, but I absolutely can recommend this level.