Level Creation Guide

Here is a checklist of things I look for when reviewing a level. the links go to specific level reviews with those features.

  1. Does it make use of backdrop, decoration and asymmetry to make an attractive level?
  2. Does the level make use of ample checkpoints?
  3. Does the player have a clear idea what to do? Are there hints or jems to guide the player?
  4. Is there a clear critical path, or intended path for the player?
  5. Does the level scale up in difficulty?
  6. Are the puzzles and obstacles challenging without being overwhelming or frustrating?
  7. Does it make use of mechanics that are engaging or innovative?
  8. Does is highlight future challenges or objectives in a way that builds anticipation?
  9. Does it make the player feel smart or clever?
  10. Does the level use jems to provide two different routes, one for speed runners and one for score hunters?