Jem Puzzling by Alpaca Raider

hh4zn58 | “Jem Puzzling” by Alpaca Raider @d8q4p5 | Casual, Simple, Quick

Short, silly and fun. I like it. I like that it starts off simple with a few flingos, which gave me a chance to learn how flingos work. I like that you had a variety of components that fling you around and are fun to play with. I liked that you kept it short and simple and didn’t put in a bijillion flingos, cannons, etc. Each challenge felt straightforward. The slurb juice was a nice touch to make it more manageable. I really enjoyed backtracking with tiptoe because I got to review all the stuff I had done AND I felt cool for being able to skip past everything with tiptoe. I also appreciate that you put in a checkpoint.

Some ideas for improvement: A Jem gate embedded in the wall would let me know that I needed to collect all the jems. I figured it out after a while from the name, but a clue would have saved some struggling. The spikes near the pinball machine were annoying because I would accidentally bounce into them. It was also nerve-wracking that the pinball camera was a smidge above the floor. I kept expecting to die off-screen from the camera.

Some jems guiding me to the tip toe side would have been helpful with the last flingos. I made it over and then fell to my death because i didn’t realize I needed to hit the wall. An arrow at the beginning of the level after you get tiptoe would have been helpful because I backtracked to the start, didn’t see a way out then went forward again. The second time I went back I noticed/remembered the hole in the wall. Having the end gate visible at one point might have also helped me know where I needed to go. until I found the way out of the level, I didn’t know if maybe there was a switch or something I had missed.

Overall good level. Fun idea and clean, simple execution.

Go Quickly Now. by Ps7cho

6h3nf9c | “Go Quickly Now.” by Ps7cho @xppvz7 | Quick, Switch-Heavy, Well-Paced

Overall a really interesting level, I love the idea. I think it’s great that you can see the package regularly just falling through space and time, mocking you, crying out for help. The level really feels like some weird temple in the desert to old timelords or something and is just in disarray. I’m happy with the puzzles and challenges, I definitely felt like I had to think and run around. the clouds and the lizumi is brilliant, because we naturally want to stand on the clouds to try to hit the Lizumi, but the clouds keep disappearing, making it feel like every time the lizumi hits the clouds she is knocking them down one by one. I like the placement of the monster gate to hint at what was going to come.

Some ideas for improvement: First, good use of rifts is really hard. Sam has a really good video on some of these challenges he ran into.

If there was an easy way for you to lock off completed challenges, that would be really helpful. Or at the very least a better way visually to tie together portal connections. I found myself backtracking and going to the wrong rooms often. Also, I probably spent a minute looking for a way to turn of the spike at the exit, and then noticed Baggyveer’s comment. It would be great if there was some visual or auditory cue to help players realize they have a limited time. It was a bit frustrating for me to have solved all the puzzles, grabbed the package and then realize I couldn’t beat the level.

One possibility would be instead of making it completely impossible, make it progressively more difficult to reach the exit. Or to have some indicator through the level, like unreachable spikes slowly turning on, to help emphasize the time limitation.

Overall a great implementation of a difficult concept. I hope to see more stuff like this.

It’s A New World 1 by Bmiclock

bsbqk0c | “It’s A New World 1” by Bmiclock @smqp4f | Long, Powerups, Casual

OMG I love this level, please make more. You do a great job of putting things like the package, or tiptoe, or a sliver of a giant jem within player view. This is great level design because it creates a goal and some anticipation in the player. Now they have something they know they are working towards.

You have nice variety of challenges. I loved the dbot because when I saw the spikes, I had assumed I was going to have to package jump and when I found the dbot I was so delighted. Good use of slime blocks to transition to a different “section” of your world. Good use of liberal checkpoints. I appreciated that the monster checkpoint didn’t require killing everything, if I recall. I really enjoyed skipping some sections with the zipper, that made me feel smart.

The only change I would recommend, is possibly using the backdrop tile more to make it feel more cozy and create a feeling of more inside sections as opposed to all outside sections. I’m probably weird like this, but my brain doesn’t like tons and tons of floating sections, it wants something to hold them up visually.

Stellar work, I look forward to the sequel.

Secret Package. Doom Temple by Padwoo N Boopafunka

wfvkjdq | “Secret Package. Doom Temple” by Padwoo N Boopafunka @zxj3rx | Secrets, Traps, Well-Paced

Initial Thoughts:
I love this level. It’s such a cool idea of having to get really close to the package cams. It makes a normal navigation challenge feel a little bit more puzzling. The layout with the pedestal for the package and all the package cams makes it feel like you are stealing something from an ancient temple, and have to run through all the dangerous chambers. Reminds me a smidge of Indiana Jones. Good use of checkpoints to make it manageable.

The only two changes I would consider: Some way to get back up on the pedestal if you miss a few of the cams. I fell early and had to restart there. Also, making the second to last chamber sliiightly less crazy. I almost gave up on it because of how chaotic it was. But I managed it and the last chamber was pretty easy.

Later thoughts:

I thought I was supposed to be seen! I didn’t realize it was the opposite. What I would probably do if you make a sequel is have something that gets turned on within visible range of the player (maybe I missed it)I completely misunderstood the goal of the level. I really like the idea of having to sneak out with the package.

Super Secret Package! by Padwoo N Boopafunka

0tsc785 | “Super Secret Package!” by Padwoo N Boopafunka @zxj3rx | Traps, Precise, Package Jump

Really great start. I like where you are going with the lot of this stuff. I really appreciated the checkpoints you put in there. I thought the double use and puzzle with the missiles was brilliant. You present the player with an impossible challenge and then an “a-ha!” moment. That is good level design.

I probably would have blocked off the top part of the fire whirlers if you wanted to force people to take the bottom route. If either was valid, I probably would have added some backdrop or a bit of roof to make it feel like both were valid paths.

I’m not a huge fan of that single secret leaf area on that jump early on. While it’s a fun surprise, players might get discouraged because it doesn’t look like they will clear the jump and may give up early. I would also maybe do something slightly different with the saws in the beginning, maybe put in a camera object? It’s frustrating to barely be able to see the saws and plan your jump.

The little secret in the one tree is great. It make the player feel smart but also makes them work for it if they want to those Jems. Great design. I also like your varied used of blocks to create different challenges.

The part with the vacrat is very challenging because you have a tiny ledge to land on and he moves fast. If it’s intended that way, great. If you wanted it a smidge easier, you could make him smaller.

I’m currently stuck at the part with the package cam and it’s an interesting puzzle.

Overall fantastic start. My one other piece of advice would be to add a bit more decoration and blending for transitions from tree to kronkrete. Other creators, not you, sometimes just throw whatever onto the screen with no thought for making it coherent and smooth. As a result, if I see lots of random floating bits or jarring transitions, I subconsciously assume it”s a low quality level. Your is not a low quality level!!! But, my lizard brain doesn’t know that. Some decoration and transitions would signal to me how much thought you put into it.

Dangerously Hmmm Test by Human

164n8mf | “Dangerously Hmmm Test” by Human @kyydhz | Powerups, Casual, Quick

I love the overall level design with the trees and the kronkrete and the clouds and the Swoopadoos. It feels like I’m in a giant treehouse of fun that’s infested by some swoopadoos, and It’s my job to go clear them out. The slub juice with the swoopadoos is hilarious. I like the hidden powerup, that was fun to find.

I’m not a huge fan of the immediate spike droppers in the top parts of the near certain doom in the bottom part. Those things make are likely to either frustrate me as a player of make me thing it’s for “advanced” players. If you got rid of those and added a checkpoint or two, I’d be much more likely to stick through it instead of maybe getting frustrated and quitting earlier. Some indicator to find my way back to the secret tunnel at the top would also be nice. Something like a sign would help tremendously.

Overall I love the direction of it. It feels like a lived place, which is so cool. I hope you continue to make more levels

Peaceful Jog by BscotchChristine

0j1gght | “Peaceful Jog” by BscotchChristine @lumshx | Casual, Simple, Quick

Awesome level for beginners. It’s rare to see so much thought put into an easy level. It’s got a nice mix of platforming, combat, and a switch. It’s challenging without ever feeling overwhelming. I think if you had a checkpoint right before the spikey bits, it would be perfect.

2 Way Search by Retro Banana Man NL

fh32wc6 | “Up Over Jumpy Escapade” by Magalagums @m2l8fg | Beginner-Friendly, Simple, Quick

I like the idea quite a bit. Choose your own adventure and exploration is fun. I love the blopfish on paths makes them unpredictable and terrifying, lol. The Lizumi on the top of the first chamber is easy to cheese with her own missiles. I think a checkpoint at the beginning would have been really nice. It’s frustrating to explore, explore and then die and have to start all over. Especially if you are going to have one path drop you into spikes.

I’m personally not a fan of surprise spike floor. I got stuck on the path on the top left with the 3 switches. I turn on all 3 switches but the regret gate at the top didn’t change? I got my package stuck between the regret gates next to the golden key.

Pure Sadness

It seems like there are some areas you need the package to get through, with the spikes and all. Some package cams might have been nice to prevent players from going to spots without the package. Overall really cool and fun idea.